Sunday, March 3, 2013

GAME DAY on Campus!

Today I'm hosting another event for a local college's Theater Group.  I've been doing these games with them for several years now, but this is the first time we'll be having both Laser Tag and Nerf.  Should be fun to see how the Nerf game pans out in the Fine Arts Building!

I've done Indoor Nerf games at several locations: homes, churches, and the Music Building on campus.  I find it always tends to work better with a smaller more localized playing field.  Usually I don't run into issues with home or church games, but whenever I've done events in the Music Building, we limit the area where we play.  Before we start the game today in the Fine Arts building, I'll have to scope out a good location to sling darts around, but I'm confident we can find a place that'll work. 

These games will also serve as a second round of in-game testing for my Elite Longshot Ver 2.0 and a final test run for my LTX EF5, both of which I hope to complete soon.  It's been too cold here to paint the Elite Longshot, but I've tweaked a few internal things that should optimize it's operation in games.   The LTX EF5 had it's reload switch repaired, battery pack secured, and lens arrangement permanently mounted.  I also touched up and detailed it's paint job, so it's good for photos if I deem it "complete".

Later this week, I'll have photos from the game and, with any luck, a finalized video on my LTX EF5 project.  Next week, when there's a stretch of warmer weather, I plan to get the Elite Longshot's paintjob set.  Should be a great start to the month!

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  1. You should seriously consider putting a breech system into your Elite LongShot 2.0, because most of that 12kg spring will be wasted without a breech. Breeching it isn't really very complicated. Here are two links to two articles detailing a breech system specifically for streamline darts.

    Read the second link last, because it is improvements on the first link.
    Anyway, I hope this helps.