Sunday, March 24, 2013

Visit from CTDYNE

Checking out the LTX EF5
When I first got into Laser Tag, one of the first things I found on the internet was the website for Custom Tag Dynamics (CTDYNE).  Seeing their customized laser tag blasters for ESS, Laser Challenge, and LTTO was awe-inspiring enough to get me started on my own endeavors in modifications.  Back when we started the Omaha Laser Challenge Association (Now the Midwest Laser Tag Association) in 2006, we quickly learned about folks building customized laser tag blasters that were all somehow connected to CTDYNE.  As a result, these folks pretty much became my laser tagging heroes.  After 3 years of running the OLCA, I got an e-mail from one of the guys at CTDYNE saying that he'd be in the area and wanted to meet us.  You may have seen him around using the name "IR-Storm" in comments.  Needless to say I jumped at the opportunity to meet with him and learn a thing or two about modified laser tag blasters.  I was humbled by the fact that he was actually interested in what we were doing with our group and our equipment and, sure enough, we kept in contact afterwards to continue trading ideas back and forth.

Today, IR-Storm broke a 4 year streak and set some time aside to meet with us again.  Since his initial visit in 2009, we've switched from Laser Challenge to Lazer Tag systems and grown our group immensely.  He's always been supportive and given insightful advice on our more technical endeavors before and today was no different, covering topics from gameplay to modifications to future projects.  He checked out our newest customized blasters to see the progress we've made in the past 4 years and it was great catching up with him in general.  I hope we don't have to wait another 4 years to cross paths with him again!  One of these days, we'll head up to his neck of the woods and pay all my "heroes" up there a visit!


  1. Brilliant article man, I really enjoyed this - you're insight and opinions into Laser Tag are something I really enjoy - a welcome break from the foam world :)

    Keep up the awesome work man

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with the MLTA. I have followed their exploits for a long time. They are an example for the Tag Community with their level of activity - events and tagger mods.
    - Duncan