Thursday, March 14, 2013

Xplorer: Longstrike Grip Review

I've had this for awhile, but I thought I'd do a review solely dedicated to this piece of equipment.  I had been using this with my OMW Massacre internals, but since those have broken (twice now), I've removed them and re-installed the stock parts with a high-load spring with no problems.

The grip has never been an issue.  It was a breeze to install, has worked flawlessly, and unless you're married to the idea of using N-Strike Rail accessories for the top of the Longstrike, it looks great too, especially on the Whiteout Series version!  I painted in my Xplorer "X" on the side myself into the recessed logo to make it a little more obvious.

Visit Xplorer's website to get one for your Longstrike!

Video after the Jump!


  1. Ohmygodyeswant....

    *goes to site*

    *Cries at every price for miles*

  2. Are you getting the direct plunger cut that works with stock darts to use in place of the OMW

  3. why did you paint in the logo?