Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekend Warriors

Last Sunday I hosted an indoor Nerf & Laser Tag event for a college theater group.  We had a great set of games and played quite a few rounds.  It was especially neat for me to play the Nerf game since we used their practice theater and set it up with obstacles and cover to hide behind whilst "Battle Music" played in the background.

It was also the debut of my N-Strike Elite Rayven.  I had planned on using the Elite Longshot Ver 2.0 that I'm working on, but I've been having issues with it.  Might need to revisit it's internals and do some kind of custom breech system on it (been considering this for awhile now).  Nothing special about the Rayven, as I just put Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries in it to help boost it's stock power a little.  I also taped two 12 round clips together for a makeshift "Flip-Clip" that worked quite well for me.  I was going to go 18 round, but I let other folks borrow those instead.  Still had a great time!

Another Mod Night is scheduled before our next game
Now we're coming up on ANOTHER weekend of gaming: the MLTA's "Battle at the Base" event!  I love playing at this venue and, while the weather forecast looks a bit cold for my taste, it's gonna take more than slightly-above-freezing temperatures to make me consider rescheduling it.  Only trouble is that my LTX EF5 that I had planned on using for the event has another issue: it's IR LED fell back inside the blaster... so I've gotta open it back up, re-mount that, and hope everything holds up!  I'm planning a Mod Night for the Saturday before our game, so I plan to have all the kinks worked out of it then.  The LTX EF5 has actually never been up to the base for a game yet.  I'm really looking forward to seeing how it does up there.


  1. Longshot breeches are awesome; you should really try one out. Anyway, I really like the look of your Elite Rayven. It looks awesome!

  2. The Snapfire is now in (select?) US Toys R Us
    Price is 19.99
    The current promotion is 50% off 2nd Elite, Vortex, or Sonic, and 40% off all other Nerf