Thursday, December 1, 2011

$30 for a Stampede

I never thought I'd see prices this good for the Stampede for awhile.  A little over a year after it's release, the Stampede is now marked down to $29.99 at Toys R Us, of all places!  Thanks to the tip from DarthRambo on the NM&R Chatroll.  The only Stampede I've owned served as the platform for my LTX DMR and in general I like the 18 dart straight Clips.  I prefer them to the 18 dart drum clips that the Alpha Trooper comes with (now also available on it's own @ Target).  A Voltage Mod and a spring from Orange Mod Works could really make this a nice blaster for someone.

If you can't seem to find these in your stores, go to Toys R Us' website and order them off there.  It's free shipping too, so it's the same price you would pay for getting it at the store without that sense of "instant gratification".  It's likely these won't stay this cheap for long.  You can also get these from Wal-Mart for 34 bucks WITH a Bandoleer included!  That's an even better value!


  1. Ross's have them occasionally. 29.57

  2. Well, seeing as how there aren't any Ross's in my area, TRU is just gonna have to do for now.

  3. I got mine for 20 on ebay but it didn't come with the shield, the bipod, or any magazines. With shipping it came to 29. Then 15 more dollars for the two magazines at Wal-Mart. I think I shafted myself on this deal.