Thursday, December 1, 2011

Congrats, Eagle1011! Lighting up Week 6!!

Congratulations to Eagle1011, the winner of Week #5's Giveaway, the modded SharpShot!  I do have one regret, and that is not being able to complete this blaster in time.  Originally I had planned on just doing internals, but I wanted to use the unique construction of this blaster to give it a neat paint job.  With the colder weather setting in, I don't have it painted.  Eagle, when you send me your address, let me know what you'd like to do.  I can either send the blaster as-is or I can give it a paint job of some kind.

To express how sorry I am for not having this blaster done today, here's an embarrassing picture of me being a complete goober.  It's actually pretty normal for me.  But nevertheless, I've already got THIS week's prize in the "completed" bin!

This week's prize isn't a blaster, but an accessory.  Cleverly housed inside of an N-Strike Tactical Light that is commonly packaged with the Nerf Recon, this is actually an LED Flashlight.  The on/off switch turns this bright light on and off running off the original AAA's that the Red Dot light would've run off of.  I've found them to be very handy for indoor games, especially when trying to find darts in the aftermath of the game.

Which brings me to this week's question:  what's your take on the Accessories in the N-Strike lineup?  Technically Vortex counts too, now that they've got that scope and stock that are N-Strike compatible.  Whether you love 'em, hate 'em, or just want to see something new that hasn't been done before, comment and you'll be entered to win this Flashlight!


  1. Accessories are half the fun of Nerf! Even though some are a bit useless, they change the look of the blaster so much, I just wish there was an under barrel grenade launcher attachment that shot bigger darts or something.

  2. Tacticoolness points. That's pretty much all. Unless you intergrate something in it. The best attachment is probably... Um... either the RDS or red Longshot scope. You can sell each for like 50 bucks.
    As for what I think Hasbro should make, brighter flashlights or Masterkey's. But OMW is working on a Masterkey... I hope.

  3. Usual the attachments don't do anything but look cool. I actually can't think of any that actually help. They make the blaster look cooler. Think for a minute. The supersoaker attachments on N-Strike look really cool. The clear orange shields on a whiteout blaster would look awesome. All in all they don't help anything but the tacticoolness factor.

  4. I hate them they serve no purpose. they are only there for looks, but the best one ever made was the pinpoint sight that at least had some purpose.

  5. They're all pretty pathetic, except for the Red Dot Sight (They stopped making), and the tactical strap (although your enemy always kills you while your trying to pull a clip out...

  6. To me aesthetics are great as long as they dont hinder the blaster's function. I personally think scopes are tacticool and all that but mostly serve no purpose. I am a big fan of tactical ammo holders though. But I mostly store ammo elsewhere. I like the idea of modding them (lights) to serve purpose or integrating blasters in (2k, Nf, etc). Overall I like the concept and the nice look of matching accessories as long as the blaster works well.

  7. The Nerf accessories are awesome. They make the blasters look even cooler. Yes some are useless, but we're modders, we modify worthless blasters don't we?
    One accessory I really miss is the holographic sight. That was the tacticoolest accessory ever!
    C-dog (8-D

  8. I pretty much think they are for show. But they add so much fun to the whole idea. They are a bit useless unless you pimp em out like that!

  9. First off, I sent you my info and thanks Bazookafied! Attachments make Nerf seem that much more awesome! Sadly though, in a battle I rarely use the few rail accessories and never the barrel extensions I have because they are pretty useless and hindering. They are great for pics! But I wish Nerf made them more useful. My favorite that no one hears of much is the green light/flashlight. P.S. The flip clip is fun too, but then the Stampede and Alpha Trooper clips happened...

  10. The Recon was my first blaster ever and I loved it because I could change it and make it however I wanted. Boom, pistol, boom, rifle, boom, strange arrangement I'm really not sure what it is.

    However, that was 3 or 4 years ago and now I don't really bother with attachments. Sometimes they are neat, but usually they hurt performance more than they help it.

    Here are the one's I'd classify as useful:

    Nerf Red Dot sight - Why did they discontinue it? I never even had one :(

    My custom Party Popper on a Longtrike sight base - Adds extra boom to any blaster instantly.

    Airsoft adjustable rear sight - Actually fairly accurate on my AT and takes up next to no space so I leave it on.

    So, out of 3 attachments I'd say are worth using, only one is actually Nerf, and it's not even made any more.

    Nerf barrel attachments sometimes look cool but just take away from range drastically.

    Nerf Stocks are decent, the Recon stock holds and extra clip but is flimsy, the Raider stock is good but doesn't help except for comfort, and the Spectre stock is like a Recon stock that folds away but can't hold the clip anymore.

    Nerf Scopes are crap. End of story. Except for the RDS, but otherwise...

    Overall, I just leave attachments alone except for my custom ones, and so that leaves next to no Nerf attachments worth using. Sad, given how many there are that none are worth using.

  11. They add only aesthetic value, but that's not so bad. There would be many painted Nerf guns looking less cool without their painted attachments. My only real gripe is that the rail system is proprietary and normal gun stuff doesn't fit the nerf rails well.

  12. to be honest i love the nerf attachments, sure almost none of them do a single thing for the gun AT ALL!!! but fortunately when you are recasing a laser tag tagger into a nerf blaster. They make your gun so spacious that its not even funny!!! just take a look at my m4 i built which recased an ltto deluxe. I SWEAR TO BOB i had no room at all inside of that gun for a battery pack if i was going to keep the original clip system intact! so what i did was i took my handy dandy router and cut apart my nerf recon barrel attachment, hot glued my terminals down, and then placed the battery pack in there and it was complete! Plus the 1 gun that had the best attachment on it in the whole wide world had to be the long strike, or the recon. long strike cause it looks cool , recon cause it has space for extras.

  13. Although the attachments add a cool aspect to your gun and sometimes can be a little helpful. The problem I have with the attachments are that they are not accurate or work very well. The lights are not usually strong enough to reach that far. I would love to get a hand grip for my forward hand that goes under the guns. But If you can mod the lights and attachments to be better...than i would say it would be better.