Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shelf News! Max Force Clearance!

This week's trip to my local retailers has Max Force, the glorified Spitwad guns, on clearance just about everywhere.  The entire lineup is on clearance at Toys R Us, making for some decent prices on these blasters.  I was wondering how Max Force was doing in the toy market, but apparently kids chose to not "Graduate from Foam" and stuck with their dart slingers.  I can't even get the official Max Force website to open for me.  The entire line may have quietly tanked.  And if the aisle is any indicator of another failing shooter game, Light Strike looks to be getting rid of it's plethora of accessories for the time being.

Light Strike isn't doing so hot, seeing still mostly-full shelves and falling prices.  I did manage to find Assault Strikers in the middle of a Nerf display at Toys R Us (still at full price), but things don't look too promising for these guys either.  At least their Strikers and Assault Strikers aren't getting liquidated like Max Force, where it seems to be a product-wide clearance.  There is quite a lot of shelf space for both of these lines, what with their bountiful accessories and generally large packaging, they're seemingly on the chopping block.  Things aren't looking too promising for either Jakks Pacific's Max Force or Wowee's Light Strike.

I didn't expect ANY good news to come in the form of Nerf's Lazer Tag, but those Value Packs have been spotted on local shelves now.  The only problem is that I've seen them showing up at 79.99 USD, instead of the 69.99 that they had previously been retailing for.  I'll keep looking to see if there's a cheaper price out there for these, but I am certainly surprised to see the price go UP for a "Value Pack".  Hasbro typically hasn't done this in recent "Value Pack" releases for Nerf, so it's odd to see them do this.


  1. That sucks about Max Force, I thought they were great, just needed a little more development. ...I wonder if those lazer tag value packs will start appearing over here soon...

  2. RAWR! My beloved Light Strike!