Thursday, December 1, 2011

Yellow Longstrike Barrel Pic Spam

 I took some requests when I debuted my Yellow Longstrike Barrel Extension and took pictures accordingly.  I know a lot of folks have said that the Longstrike Barrel, or barrel extensions in general, are useless.  In defense of that I say to you: these blasters now look better because of it!  That, and the Longstrike's barrel diameter is wider and doesn't interfere with dart range like the others do.  That, and this project wasn't very hard to do!  Just took apart my barrel, sanded down the two panels, primed, painted, and enjoy!  Speaking of which, ENJOY!


  1. The spectre combination is my fave. Revolver sniper rifle. Do you have a yellow longshot to put the lsk barrel onto? Or the longshot scope for the spectre?