Monday, December 12, 2011

Glowing News!

So alongside the release info on the Nerf Rayven and it's glowing ammo, we have a Vortex contender for glow-in-the-dark blasters now!  That Lumitron that everyone thought was a fake (since it's essentially a Praxis with what looked like a 20 disk clip), is now confirmed thanks to info from TomClark2011 on the Nerf Wiki.  The listing on Amazon doesn't have a price, only a box art and a side-view of the blaster.  It's neat seeing the Firefly Logo shared on both the Rayven on the clip for the Lumitron.  This certainly continues the "N-Strike vs Vortex" theme, but takes it into the dark, which should be neat to see.  Urban Taggers has also managed to find the Glow Disk ammo for this too, so I expect there to be new Glow Streamlines released with the Rayven.

My question, amidst all this glowing goodness, is will the Firefly REV-8, the blaster that started this glow-in-the-dark business for N-Strike, will continue to be released.  If so, I wonder if they'll do away with those silly glowing stickers on their Suction Cup darts for it and go with the glow foam that's on the Disks and Darts for the Lumitron and Rayven respectively.  Perhaps we'll even see the Firefly get a bit of a facelift with that neat "Firefly Tech" logo on it somewhere that the clips for the Lumitron and Rayven boast.  Who knows!

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