Friday, December 16, 2011

SMG Stampede

So I've been working a lot recently with the Nerf Stampede ECS and decided to perform a well-known mod for it: Minimization... or what ends up looking a lot like a SMG variant.  Mine is certainly truer to the "SMG" stylization than purely minimizing the Stampede's design because, lets face it, I'm an aesthetics whore when it comes down to it.

Here's a short video outlining what I've done so far.  I do plan on a few more tweaks to the design, the big plan being that I want to turn the Battery compartment into Clip Storage and relocate the Batteries (which are now 3 small AA-sized Ultrafire Batteries) elsewhere.  I haven't seen anyone else attempt that, so I'm hoping that this unique aspect of my design helps it stand out from other similar projects.


  1. ROFL when ya said whore!
    Anyways i aint planning on getting a stampede i hear it jams and it isnt worth it. Im not gonnna buy it for the clips either.

  2. This project is lookin' good man. Like halfway between the Rayven and Stampede.