Monday, December 5, 2011

LTTO M4 Carbine Final Pics

Earlier I shared a Nerf Recon recasing of a Lazer Tag Team Ops Deluxe built by another fan.  It was functional and didn't look half bad either.  However, new pictures of this creation have surfaced and the new paint job/details really make this fella look great, so I thought I'd share those with you here!

I'm told that it's actual range, now that it is focused, is 1,892 ft with a magnifying scope.  With only the red dot sight, it's effective range 1000 ft or so.  The Entire blaster is running off of a LTTO Deluxe system, with a working rumble pack as well as Hit Lights installed in the sensor dome (not standard on a Deluxe).  He's done a fine job with the paint job and finishing details on this blaster!  Enjoy the images!

 Pictures of the finished LTTO M4 Carbine have given it a different paint scheme than the all-black pictures from before.  The subtle tiger stripe patterns, orange accents, and other details are nice and crisp.  If I didn't know any better, I'd say this was factory made!
 Size Comparisons wtih the LTTO Tag Master Blaster and Deluxe.


  1. Pretty nice. It's alot bigger than what an LTTO deluxe is. Only thing I don't completely like is the buttons/screen is on the side and not the top.

    1. hey lol im the creator- and if you didnt like that aspect of this gun, then you should check out my new project as soon as i get mike to put it up here. its actualy exactly what you just said you wanted. LCD on top- volume, brightness cables on the sides

  2. I may take some fire for this but I'm not really a fan of the paint job. Other than that I really like it and I wish more laser tag sets looked and performed more like this.

  3. Not sure the best place to start a conversation about this. This is Jake from Random Fun Events.

    Bazookafied, have you opened up any laser challenge vests? If so, what do you think about the internals? Do you see much room for tinkering? Maybe to transform them into a head sensor?

    Check out some very rough introductory work I've done in order to get that LTX sensor in a more useful location on the human body, like the head.


  4. Wow thats really nice looking! The recon is a fairly versatile blaster in terms of modding. Awesome job!

  5. well ill tell you now that im the creator of this rifle and the paint job was actually a last minute thing to get it prepped for a game in the wood's. plus i added the tiger stripes as an extra,and i only play in the Forrest any ways.So that paint job just happened to fit it best.Plus i kinda messed up majorly on the paint job the stripes were supposed to face the other way XD.