Thursday, December 15, 2011

Spring Upgrade Fail

I just can't do it, Captain!  I don't have the power!!

Last night I was working on some modifications with my friends and we decided to try this ridiculously strong spring in the Stampede.  We all kinda knew it probably wouldn't work to begin with, but we wanted to see, via use of the DC Regulated Power Supply, how much voltage it would take for the Stampede Motor to actually prime the blaster.  28 Volts later, we decided it just wasn't feasible to use.  No worries, as we have springs from OMW on the way to mess around with.


  1. Whoever owns that Dredg poster just went up a notch in my estimation.

  2. I think Sundawg's power supply is pretty close in spec with mine. That means it can only provide about 3 amps before becoming current limited. That is what happened here. The higher torque on a DC motor, the more current it tries to draw.

    A nice airsoft LiPo might be the next thing to try. I have a 15C 11.1v lipo that would spit out up to 16.5 amps. Of course, it may just destroy the gears, motor and gun's internal supports. :D