Wednesday, December 21, 2011

LC Sensors: CSS-04

Me with my CSS-04 mounted to a MOLLE Rig.
It's the small black module on my left shoulder.
In continuing my trend of reshowing older stuff I've worked on, here's something you don't see a lot of work on: sensors.  Seems like, in Laser Tag, everyone is focused on trying to make blasters better.  With a few exceptions, you don't see folks making themselves EASIER to hit/make things more fair.  Now, I know a lot of you are not avid Laser Challenge fans, so here's a quick rundown.  This system uses a blaster and front/back mounted sensor worn on the player that is NOT attached to the blaster.  The common problem folks have with Laser Challenge is that arms/the blaster can block the front sensor making it harder to hit your opponent.  For the better half of a decade, I've been working on Customized Sensor rigs to make myself easier to hit, regardless of the blaster I'm using or the firing position I'm taking.  The CSS-04 is the 4th prototype in this line of sensors that I've designed for this purpose.  CSS stands for "Custom Sensor System" and the basis of the design is to have a front and back sensor that can be attached to a harness or Rig.  The CSS-04 is designed to attach to MOLLE webbing, which is a common mounting system for the United States Military to use with their soldiers.

Here I display how the CSS-04 functions and how it is mounted.  Again, it's an older video of mine, so bear with it!  I still use the CSS-04 in our outdoor Laser Challenge Games and even managed to get it to fit onto my Captain America Costume in our Halloween Game, which further shows how modular this system can be... provided you're wearing something you can manage to MOUNT it to!

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  1. That's a nice looking setup man. MOLLE gear looks cool and the nicely painted Longshot just makes it better.