Sunday, December 2, 2012

Winter Nerf Game #1

So a few friends got together on an unusually nice December morning to play an indoor-outdoor game of Nerf.  We were allowed to use the entire home, inside and out, for 3 hours and boy did we take full advantage of it!  It was not only a great set of games, but also allowed me to combat test the N-Strike Elite Stryfe for myself!

We played 2 main types of games: Timed Elimination and "Clear the Room".  The first is just a simple one-hit kill game with respawns and tally sheets to track how many times we've gotten back into the game.  At the end of the time limit, the team with the least amount of respawns wins the game.  For "Clear the Room", one team sets up inside the home while the other team attempts to enter and neutralize the other team.  Last team standing wins.

One of the  players utilized a "Riot Shield", which was just a big orange snow sled that worked quite well.  I was hoping he would use it more to lead charges through cramped doorways or to push through a standoff here and there.  He used it quite well for his own personal defense, but I get the feeling that he'll be more useful to his team next time if he helped get them out of some sticky situations.

Games were relatively close, so it kept things interesting as the day went on.  It also gave me plenty of time to test out the Stryfe.  I had two on hand.  One of the blasters I kept stock while the other had all of it's safeties and locks removed.  Both were running slightly higher voltages as well.  I was quite glad that I used the one with the safeties out, as the player who was borrowing my other Stryfe complained of the blaster frequently locking up as a result of the dart sensor lock.  This was a problem throughout the game, even with Elite Darts, Streamlines, and Glow Streamlines being used.  I would recommend folks who want to use the Stryfe to simply remove these locks.  I may do a tutorial on how do to this, but it's quite easy to figure out just by seeing what parts to remove from this Internals Walkthrough.

I also got to break out my Elite Longshot that I made earlier this summer.  It was probably one of the more powerful blasters there and the range was hardly needed for the indoor battles.  When opponents would flee outside, it was nice being able to pick them off with it's long range.  I did my best to only use Elite Darts with it to help maximize it's performance, since other Streamlines tended to veer off and alter their trajectories from the high power hurling them forward.  Elite Darts' improvements are vastly amplified when using more powerful blasters in my honest opinion.

We'll be playing again soon!  I hope to take photos at every event we have and share them here!

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  1. To remove the dart sensor lock is as simple as taking out a single piece of plastic. I saw bobololo's video on the stryfe, and that was the first thing he complained about, and the first thing he did to mod it.

    It's to bad too, it was a nice idea but...