Monday, December 17, 2012

LTAR: Get it NOW!!

Looks like there's quite the special on for the Lazer Tag Augmented Reality system!  Thanks to a tip from AndrewH on the Yahoo! LTTO group, we've got a link to pick up a brand-new LTAR for under $15 USD!  That's over 50% off of it's pricetag.  If you've been curious about getting into Laser Tag, there's not a better price on this great system out there right now.  Not sure how long the sale will last either, so don't wait around if you want to nab it at this price.

Remember, the LTAR can be used with or without the iOS Device, regardless of rumors and poor marketing of this ability.  If you've missed it somehow, here's reviews by Tactical Tag of this blaster.

LTAR Review

Click the link below for the sale price listing!  Limit 3 per customer.

LTAR Sale @

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