Thursday, December 13, 2012

N-Strike Elite Strongarm Review

It's official.  The tried and true Maverick REV-6 has a worthy successor: the N-Strike Elite Strongarm!  This s a fantastic improvement over the Maverick.  While it retains it's 6-shooter stance, there are major improvements with this blaster.  Better range, a tactical rail you can actually USE, a reliable firing system, Slamfire, and that Elite Range from it's direct plunger system slinging those darts up to 50 feet flat and 75 feet angled.

Also, there's only one air restrictor in this blaster located inside the main plunger tube instead of being mounted in each of the dart chambers in the revolving turret.  It's a wonderful blaster and they could not have replaced the Maverick with a better design.

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  1. How much does it cost?

  2. Definitely the very worthy successor to the most popular nerf gun ever! I thought that the turret rotation system would be like the Spectre's when I heard it would be able to slam fire. It'll be good for accuracy that the trigger pull is so short. I'm so glad I'll be able to use my good old sucker darts. Thank's for the info, Zook!