Monday, December 17, 2012

Elite Firestrike Review

The N-Strike Elite Firestrike was featured on the side of many of the first Retaliator and Rampage boxes and many pointed out that it was the obvious successor to the NiteFinder.  This review not only proves that, but illustrates the key differences that separate the legendary NiteFinder to the new Firestrike.

See my quick review below!


  1. I kind of wanted a longer video, it just felt so short for something so awesome.

    1. Honestly, there's not a ton of features to show off with this blaster. I specifically aim to make my reviews short and to the point so you can spend your time doing better things than watching unboxings and drawn-out explanations.

      If you do want more on this awesome blaster, check out my Basic Mod Guide>

  2. This probably isn't the right place to post it, and you may have already seen it, but there are two supersoakers on Amazon that are new. The Flash Blast

    And the Shotwave