Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ultrafire Sale

If you've ever wanted to upgrade the voltage in your Barricade, Rayven, Stryfe, or any battery-driven foam blaster, now might be a great time to cash in! has a sale on UltraFire 14500 1200mah 3.6V Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries.  These fellas are excellent for voltage modifications.  With this set, you get 2 Ultrafire Batteries and a charger for them.  They're usually 16 bucks, but there's a sale on 'em for $13.98 from While these might seem too expensive for some, because they're rechargeable, these batteries can be used over and over again.  They also hold a charge for quite a long time.
Still out of your budget?  Try picking up Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries at any major retailer.  They're still a little more expensive than normal batteries, but they last longer and have a slightly higher voltage than normal AA batteries.  You'll still get a bit of a power boost out of your blaster... just not as extreme of a difference that you would get from Ultrafires.


  1. I have a battery charger for some standard rechargeable batteries that I picked up at Walmart. Would that work to charge these batteries or do you need the specific charger for the ultrafires?

  2. That will not work as the ultra fires need specific current regulation to not blow up

  3. I have an elite Rayven that has a jam problem. Would using Ultrafire batteries fix that possibly?