Saturday, May 26, 2012

Urban Taggers: Blue is Better!

My buddy at Urban Taggers has confirmed it!  Blue Trigger = better range for the Dart Tag lineup.  I reported on this earlier, but this is really just a follow-up and confirmation of this fact.  Plus, I wanted to redirect you to UT's article on it, since they did a great job reviewing it (as usual).

Swarmfire 2.0 Article @ Urban Taggers

Feel free to check out my original article on this.

Got the Blues?

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  1. Hi Bazookafied.

    The blue-trigggered Quick 16 doesn't exist because it doesn't have a 'TM' thing on it like the others(eg. Sharp ShotTM)
    Found out when I was looking at my Sharp Shot(blue-triggered) box.