Thursday, May 17, 2012

U shud reed dis

While this post may or may not have been triggered by a recent experience in a chatroom this morning, this is an ongoing issue that I've been wrestling with.  If you've ever seen me talking on the NM&R or T³ chat and tear some kid a new one for spelling/grammatical errors, from a certain perspective, it looks like I'm just trolling.  I'm not one to claim that I have perfect spelling or put commas where they're supposed to be 100% of the time, so if your goal is to pick this post apart and find all my mistakes, go right ahead.

I'm only gonna say this once:  If you can't manage to say things that people will understand, you're wasting everyone's time... including your own.

For example, if you're telling us "i 1 2 gt a longsut", you've made your readers A: attempt to decode what words they can assume from this sentence, and B: realize that they don't know what a "longsut" is.  It could be a Longshot.  It could be a Longstrike.  You could even be saying you'd like a Long Suit for the next formal event you'll be attending at the Governors Home.  Either way, you've effectively failed to utilize language for it's basic purpose: to communicate with others.

On the one hand, younger generations seem to think that using slang and abbreviations for things is "cool"... which I understand in this age of texting and other English-destroying forms of social media.  However, I have yet to see someone who uses abbreviated text or internet slang also show proficiency in basic spelling of words, rendering their message a garbled mess of numbers and letters that would make an English Teacher jump off a bridge.  A bridge that crosses over a molten pit of lava with stainless steel spikes rising up from above it with a boombox playing the latest Disney Star's 1# hit.

So if you don't want Bazookafied to be "Mean" or come off as a total jerk, respect everyone's time and just spell things out correctly.  In the end, you'll appear smarter, folks will (likely) respect your input more, and everyone ultimately wins.  Still bad at spelling?  There's no excuse in the information era for ignorance.  Google Chrome and Firefox have spell checkers built-in.  Too lazy to download a new browser to help your awful spelling?  There's and other websites that'll help you out too.  The only time fail-tacular spelling is acceptable to me is those "lol cats".  Prove you're smarter than those internet felines and just do the English language some justice.  It'd be a refreshing change of pace.


  1. Thank you Bazookafied! Well stated....especially the "bridge that crosses over a molten pit of lava with stainless steel spikes rising up from above it with a boombox playing the latest Disney Star's 1# hit." Purely epic!

  2. Portal is going to love this :D

  3. Vry gud post bazook i rly lked teh part abut tha speling.
    Naw, just kidding. Great post, very true.

  4. hey mike does the term spelling nazi bother you at seem to be showing your age a little. nerf is about having a bit of fun, being creative and lots of laughs. chill out man and start enjoying it again.great paint job on the know what i mean??

    1. It's not fun spending 15 minutes trying to decode what someone is saying when we could be talking about something relevant. A "spelling Nazi" would sit there and correct folks with their improper use of "Their", "They're", and "There". The issue I have is less of that and more that the meaning of whatever message they're trying to get across is lost for the sake of "being cool".

      I've been planning successful and fun events for Nerf and Laser Tag for years now. I'm no stranger to having a bit of fun, being creative, and lots of laughs. If I wasn't enjoying every minute of it, I wouldn't bother with this hobby at all, let alone have a blog about it. ;)

  5. what if the person you are appearing to be mean to is a 6or7 yr old kid from singapore who has barely a grasp on english ,maybe he idolises you there are many reasons i could go on with and as for being cool well everyone wants to be cool i bet when ya put on your captain america suit you feel pretty cool...i thought it was cool. this nerf thing is for all sorts of people and i know a lot about this hobby through yourself and other bloggers so i know what you do. i know you noticed i didnt call you a spelling nazi so please dont become anal like one.