Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Longshot Immortal: The wait continues

A Longshot Trigger up for auction for a good cause
Well, we've officially blown past the "Late April" claims that Orange Mod Works was shooting for a couple months ago for the release of their Longshot Immortal kit.  The fiasco with the Massacre kit release date getting pushed back set this launch date back and now I suspect that quality issues with those kits has kicked back the Longshot kit yet again.  And, just like old times, it'll take some kicking and whining from fans to get some more information about the development of this kit and projected release date.  Pre-orders stopped almost a month ago for this kit, so I was hoping we'd have something by now.  As far as I can see, it's another waiting game.

There have been moments of gleaming facts here and there.  Some prototype pictures that have been posted and the promise of future plans for kits (like the Shotgun pump).  Even this Longshot Trigger that's been posted on their eBay store to raise money for "Save the Children" has shown up, which is nice and all.  However, side-tracking attention with a cause like this or the T-Shirts that are out just keep side-stepping the issue that Orange Mod Works paying fans probably have: when is the Longshot Immortal kit coming out?

My experience with Orange Mod Works, since I purchased my first Stage 1 Longstrike kit, have been a rollercoaster.  From excitement about the Stage 1 kit, I was quickly disappointed at the fact that a two-hand prime was required.  Then it looked like the Stage 2 kit would come out, but complications/legal problems with the Recon Stage 2 kit put a stop to that.  Soon after, the Massacre kits were announced and not even a month or two later the Longshot kit was announced, but as the release date came and went and delays plagued the production, fans were left sitting and waiting.  After all the testing, the Massacre kits were finally released... but even after their testing OMW faced quality issues soon after.  Even my Longstrike Massacre kit was among those seeking replacement.

So now we're sitting and waiting again to see if that Longshot kit is going to be worth the wait.  What are the fans getting?  T-Shirts and donations to charities and more promises of future kits.


  1. There is some value in the notion of hoping for some information soon, at least. If memory serves, OMW has tended to provide relatively straightforward updates not too terribly long after missing one of their release dates. My memory tends to be a fickle servant though, so fingers crossed I guess.

  2. That's a very strange looking LS trigger :). I'm guessing there just taking there just trying to make sure that there LS kits are high quality. They may have encountered money problems or some other problems so I guess well just have to wait. I'm planning on ordering one but since my chance to pre-order has passed by I'll just wait until there officially released.

  3. Now that I look closer that LS trigger is just a deformed picture :) LOL!!