Saturday, May 26, 2012

Keeping Cool with Super Soakers

With summer upon us and record heat gripping many parts of the US this weekend, what better way to chill out and still keep your trigger finger happy than with a good ol Water Blaster war?  To help things out, Super Soaker has a few new products I've noticed at my local Toys R Us that I thought would be worth sharing.

The odd thing about this latest update?  No blasters.  However, they have introduced some things to "enhance" the game.  There's this inflatable battle shield you can use to shield yourself from another new product: the "Soaker Burst"... which is a foam water grenade... thing.

 The Soaker Bursts are foam balls with holes in them that soak up water and jet them out on contact with whatever you've managed to lob them at.  They come in Orange and white and are available in the 2 pack, with a Battle Shield, or with a Pool Splash Mat game.  There's also a larger version called the "Soaker Bolt" that looks a little more like a Vortex Football with a fin design on the tail end.  It is made of the same squishy foam material that the Soaker Bursts use.  It's neat seeing how Hasbro has managed to work actual Nerf foam into the Super Soaker lineup with these water bombs, as well as creating a fun pool game with it too.

We've got a pool at our home that is frequently the centerpiece for our backyard water wars during the summer so it'll be neat to have fun with some Nerf products for just general games instead of always having to shoot at folks.  Makes the game a little more appealing for the lady types wandering around the deck, which is always a good thing.

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend, America!  In the meantime, I'm gonna wash the dirt off my soakers from last year in preparation for our cookouts that'll likely spawn water wars.  The high today is 95ยบ F, so we could definetly use a game that'll cool us off!

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  1. Love this. Definitely going to chill one out. Must try!