Monday, May 21, 2012

Battle Kata Blaster Project

GI Joe Resolute: the route Hasbro SHOULD'VE taken
While I grew up with/was a fan of the old GI Joe cartoons growing up, I can't say that I'm as avid of a fan of the newer era of the Movies Hasbro has made for them thus far.  If you ask me, GI Joe Resolute was a MUCH cooler path that they should've expanded on instead of the live-action poorly-scripted big-name actor laden production they've got now.  Hasbro only recently took down the website for that series, so if you're into GI Joe but don't care too much for the new movies, give that mini-series a check.  In the meantime, I'll just have to settle with what we've got... but at least they gave me a neat looking blaster to play with.

However, with the new movie coming out this summer, Hasbro has all sorts of products aimed at the GI Joe "Retaliation" movie.  One of those is a recolored Dart Tag blaster while another is a toy plastic-missile firing pistol that can also transform into a set of brass knuckles/knife.  It's a neat weapon and I just like the design of it.  Regardless of whether the movie will be any good or not, I like the design enough to follow it/have future plans for it.

It's called the "Battle Kata Blaster" and it's slated for release within the next week or so, according to it's listing at Toys R Us.  Once I get my hands on one, I'll decide what the best route for it will be.  I'm thinking to either convert it to fire Nerf darts or to do one of my famous recasings and make it a fully functional Laser Tag pistol.

I'll likely not use it's "knife" form, as I'm really just interested in the design of the pistol.  It's got enough heft to hold whatever system I drop in there, as well as a series of switches that could prove to be fun/interesting to use.  Once I get my hands on one, I'll decide what it's fate will be on my workbench.
Either way, you can bet I won't keep it that ugly green/orange color combination.  Should be fun, whatever I settle on.  Keep it here for more updates because either way, this guy is gonna be fun to use.


  1. I think laser tag would be easier, just put in a radar extreme and you are good to go. Paint job wise it would look better in white and red kinda of like mass effect.

  2. Oh I cant wait to get my hands on one of those. I'll probably just convert to a nerf blaster. I was thinking of red and white too because those are the colours ive been sticking to lately.