Friday, February 14, 2014

Toy Fair 2014

The 2014 Toy Fair hasn't exactly brought diehard Nerf Fans anything new, since most of us who have been following along already knew about the Thunder Bow, Cam ECS-12, and Demolisher.  Kinda makes it a "downer" for me since they're reporting new stuff that's more... um... newish.

What we might gain from it is a new angle of the Demolisher 2-in-1, an old photo of the Cam ECS-12, and an excited kid with the Thunder Bow.  If we look closer at other photos, we'll also notice that the new Super Soakers have moved away from being tacti-cool with Nerf-able accessories and more of those wonky "These are colors we can use on a water blaster" looks to 'em.  I actually think this is good since the Soaker Wars angle and tactical rail stuff really wasn't a selling point for a water blaster.  They've continued the Bow-design trend with a functional "spray water in 3 directions" bit with the collapsible folding crossbow arms.

There's also an interesting bit (to me at least) about the ZombieStrike lineup.  The SledgeFire was previously a Target-Exclusive blaster, but we see it here heralding in the "Global Roll-out" for ZombieStrike.  Also, check out the coloration on the illustration.  While I'm not going to call marketing slide-show goodies the most accurate source of information, all of the other photos of the SledgeFire in it's "Animated" look have shown it with the sky-blue shell.  This version shows it with a noticeably darker blue.  Sure, I may be reading in to it too much, but I LOVE the SledgeFire!  It'd be awesome to have the color tweaked just a little darker (yeah sure, I like my Elite colors.  Leave me be!) but regardless a Global release of ZombieStrike means 2 things.  The first being that our friends across the pond can enjoy these nifty blasters as we have.  The second... the infection must be spreading!


  1. That zombie image has been on the nerf nation Facebook page. Pretty sure it's not a recolor. But I'd like to see those in different colors just for fun. Duel wielding hammershots in two colors would be kinda fun.

  2. Hey there,

    have you seen this?

    Remote Controlled Nerf Bots.

    If they could apply a autotarget and motion Detection to it, you woud have self-firing sentry turrets for a live action tactical nerf War!

    I gotta get me one of those!