Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Gear Up!" Again?

So, it's early 2014.  That NERF N-Strike Elite Demolisher is going to be coming out, and it's all decked out in obnoxious Orange Juice Orange.  The Stryfe is also getting Orange treatment.  Other blasters in the Elite lineup are sure to follow suit if Nerf is going to go the Orange/White route for their next round of blasters.  Now I've recognized two big glaring issues all of a sudden.  The first being that I've spent the better part of two years on-board with the Elite Blue and white-striped paint jobs on the latest blasters tracking down accessories to deck them out with.  The second: I scoffed at the "Gear Up!" blasters decked out in gaudy orange back in the summer of 2011 while we waited for the Nerf Vortex lineup to come out and didn't bother picking any up.  Why is this a problem?  Well... now it looks like Orange will be the next "thing" for Nerf... and now suddenly all my accessories that I love so dearly won't match the next wave at all!

Now then, not all is lost.  You'll also notice that there's some inverted versions, too.  The Rough Cut has been found in a white with orange stripe format and the new NERF N-Strike Elite Cam ECS-12 looks to be white, too.  That means the beloved Whiteout Series of blasters should work well with that half of the coin, as evidenced by
Andu Mijomee's wonderful work with his Longstrike.  That also means that some of the white Super Soaker accessories should look good, with 'em, too.

Now honestly none of this stuff is "earth shattering news", but for the accessory nut... it might be a bit annoying.  Not only do we have to start all over again, but now the existing accessories out there that COULD match up are incredibly hard to find.  Unless you happened to pick up a Gear Up Recon or Raider, you've got nothing to spice up the Demolisher.  That being said, I figured "oh well that means prices on eBay for the Gear Up stuff will shoot sky high"... but apparently since those were hard enough to find, they're already quite expensive.  I've seen Gear Up! Raiders being sold for $75 and a Gear Up! Recon going for over $100.  I'm an accessories nut... but I'm not stupid.  Plus, the "Orange" used on the new Stryfe doesn't look like it's an exact match for the old Gear Up! colors anyways... and I'm a stickler for that sort of thing.  I'm pretty much fretting about nothing of much importance here in a bit of an informational rant-like manner.

Long Story Short: Nerf keeps changing colors and it drives me batty.


  1. Zook, I completely feel you. I'm really not huge on the orange. The blue made nerf look "professional" for me, in a sense. I was wishing that if they went orange, the stripe would be black, not white. The black and orange was at least a good complement to the former white and blue (inverted colors!) Hopefully those rumored "sold spearately" accessories make it to the market soon.

    Also, can you imagine a Retaliator in White? :O

    1. Well there is a White Retaliator :P (XD Retaliator)

  2. It drives me crazy to
    I think they have add

  3. Bro i couldn't agree with you more. I too am an accessory nut, and it does bother me if there is an item that could make my gun look cooler... i've got to have it. Example: super soaker blue Shotblast came with a blue scope... it only made my Longstrike and now my Rapidstrike look so much cooler for me. I hear where ya comin' from my man.

  4. I have found that blue vinyl die is a close match for the elite line.