Thursday, February 6, 2014

TWS: Update #2

With the latest commercial for Captain America: The Winter Soldier airing during the superbowl, I was reminded that I now have a short 2 months left to complete this costume project in time for the movie premiere on April 4th.  If you've missed it, I already started putting a few bits together with components I'm re-using from previous costumes.  I also started building a harness for the shield to fit on my back.  Recently, more pieces to this costume have been coming together and I'm pretty happy with how things have been turning out so far.

The picture to the right isn't exactly accurate.  I've cleverly "Photoshopped" the stars and stripes from another photo onto my 511 Shirt to try to get an idea of placement and sizing for these bits.  The Rapid Assault Shirt and matching pants are quite comfortable and should lend themselves well to this project.

 One snag I ran into was the "Browns" matching up.  The combat belt that's being re-used from my older costume isn't the same brown as the straps for the shield or the darker fingerless gloves that I found.  They're all very different materials, so I don't know if I can dye them to match or if I have to go out and find better matches.  This is the part of the show where it would've been better to MAKE these 3 items with the same material so they'd match up easily.  I didn't anticipate such trouble finding the right shade of brown!

The other picture to the left shows the 511 Rapid Assault Shirt with a T-Shirt placed over it that has the design printed on it from the new movie.  I got this shirt from a guy on The RPF Forum and I'll be using it as a guide for building parts of the star and stripes on the chest.  Getting the sizing and placement right on these parts is crucial, so it's nice to actually have something I can lay over the shirt to start lining things up.

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  1. As a very big Captain America fan let me say, I am very impressed!! I'm jealous!!