Saturday, February 1, 2014

UK Discontinued Blasters - Centurion?

Got this info from a reliable source (they used to send Urban Taggers a lot of info when Pocket was posting).  Take a read, especially if you're in the United Kingdom.
In the past, UK toy distributor AB Gee has a pretty large database (open to everyone by the way) about what toys (including Hasbro brands) they can send to stores across that country. But they also list discontinued products in the database.  
Everything I'm going to list is marked *** Obsolete Product *** in the product listings. Pretty much all of the Vortex line included recent releases of the Revonix, Pyragon and Diatron have been marked as obsolete. This confirms that the Vortex line (not sure about the Zombiestrike offshoots) are effectively dead in the UK. The Stockade is dead too.
Here's the real surprise of the bunch. This distributor has marked the Centurion as a 'Obsolete Product'. For a product that only has been out for less than half of a year to be marked this raises quite a few questions. 
Here's a few links
AB Gee's Hasbro list page-
The Centurion's page on AB Gee-
So what do you guys think?  The information seems pretty clear, so is Nerf canning Vortex?  ... and the Centurion, too?

UPDATE:  Upon further investigation, there is another listing for the Centurion on that page. (  The Listing Code on the "obsolete" one is A3700 but then has A4288 in parentheses.  It's also listed as a 2013 product.  Then the 2014 one listed just has the A4288 model listed and has a star, indicating it's a new blaster.  Is this just a listing code update?  Or... better yet... is it a sign that the Centurion has gotten upgraded or tweaked somehow?


  1. Not surprised at all - in fact Hasbro UK told me that retailers will no longer be able to get fresh Vortex stock in - pretty much killing the range off in the UK.

    Also, Hasbro only have themselves to blame for the failure of the Centurion. Domestically and internationally. Make way for the Javelin I say!!!

    Ash aka MyLastDart

    1. Or maybe they could refurbish them, but this is Hasbro we are talking about, they can't be able to track every Centurion, or can they? *dun dun dun* only way is a powerful marketing campaign and Vorteox, I am sorry for the guys up there.

  2. There's a picture on My Last Dart of "Sonic Ice" Centurion outside shells.

    Keep up the awesome work on the blog, man.

  3. The news about the Centurion is encouraging. To me, that shows leadership & a good business sense. Yes, it means a blaster is being taken off the market in the UK, but it is also an indicator that they're more concerned about wisely watching sales' indicators regardless of how high-end an item is or how recently developed. If it's a lemon, it's a lemon and kudos to Hasbro for making a wise shift in whatever direction that may be for whatever motive that may be. Vague, right? As for the Vortex line, perhaps either Hasbro was seeing the same indicators or has plans which towards which they want to channel support.