Tuesday, January 28, 2014

NERF N-Strike Elite Cam ECS-12

I was quite surprised this morning upon checking Southern Brisbane Nerf Club's scoop on the latest leaked blaster design for 2014: the Elite Cam ECS-12!

This new blaster has a built-in battle camera with a rear-facing viewscreen, control buttons, and an ejectable SD card that sits just below the buttons so you can upload those battle scenes to your computer.

There's only one other Elite blaster with the "ECS" designation: the N-Strike Stampede, means that this new Elite blaster is using a full-auto direct plunger firing system like it's shield-toting brother before it... right?  Wrong.  If you watch the video on engaget, you'll hear the whirring of Flywheels and see that he's pulling the trigger for each shot.  Also, it's more than evident in the video footage of the flywheels, as the microphone built into the Cam ECS-12 records the overbearingly loud drone of the blaster firing.

There's a static shoulder stock (no adjustment) and two N-Strike Tactical Rails mounted on the top of the blaster and below the main barrel.  No option for a removable stock, either... so aside from the camera built into this new blaster dressed in white-out-esque colors, there's not a lot of "new" here and no other obvious features.

Their website has 20 photos of them horsing around the office with the new Nerf Cam ECS-12, some videos of firing it, and gratuitous amounts of shooting one of their employees (who is blindfolded) in the face with the darts.

Already there's some coloration differences between the blaster they have their hands on and this preview to the left, but I don't expect many changes with this blaster outside of that.  I must say I'm surprised with the in-built camera, but outside of that, for me, there's really nothing else new with this blaster.  As with the name, it's simply the "Cam ECS" and that's all it appears to be: a Nerf blaster with a Camera.  More to come later!


  1. That's a blaster begging for a Lazer Tag recasing if I ever saw one...

    1. I didn't want to say it the second we got news of a New blaster design but yeah... that's the first thing that came to mind. Just a simple reminder to myself that I'm hardwired a Laser Tag fan first, Nerf second. lol

      That being said, if this blaster is really gonna be $75... I might hold off on it.

  2. Save your money and buy a "spy cam" off ebay for $10. Video is better quality, too.

  3. If it's really going to be $75, than this is basically a $40 Rapidstrike with a $35 camera and screen. Couldn't Hasbro have made a separate accessory that fits on a rail? Not to mention that if the camera or screen ever dies, forget about aiming--the rail on top looks like it's too high relative to the barrel to be usable.

  4. $75 bucks? For a glorified Stryfe with a piece of crap camera on it? And gun camera footage generally stinks anyways, what a joke. I feel like Nerf is loosing their creative edge and everything is now just a reshell with some gimmick attached to it in some form. What they really should do is look to the past, I can only imagine the killing they would make if they revisited some of the vintage designs.