Monday, February 24, 2014

SledgeFire Mod Planning

So I love my ZombieStrike SledgeFire.  Sure it might take a quick second to reload and it only comes with 3 shells, but it's awesome nonetheless.  I've done nothing to mine but take out the Air Restrictors and the raw power, even with the stock spring, is quite impressive.  However, I had to replace mine since it's priming mechanism sorta stopped working.  Luckily, I have use for that awesome shell as a Laser Tag blaster, but since I'm such a fan of this blaster, I picked up another one... so now I've got 6 shells and 1 unmodified blaster.  But only for now!

I've always thought about modifying a shell for firing a MEGA dart, so I might look into doing that for one of my spare shells.  Plus, they'll soon be releasing a Refill Pack for the SledgeFire shells, so I don't have to buy a whole 'nother SledgeFire just to get more shells.  However, part of my plans for this fella include figuring out how to best carry extra ammo with this thing.  Drop pouches, clever use of magnets, there's a bunch of ways to store these 3-dart shells.

Then there's the matter of power.  I already know what removing the Air Restrictors will do for power with this thing... but I also don't want to break another SledgeFire.  Turns out some of the internals plastic is kinda thin, as I did find a broken piece when I opened up SledgeFire #1 before gutting it.  The upside is that now I have some spare internal parts, but not for the one that broke, obviously.  I'll be exploring ways to reinforce the internals, but I'm hoping you guys have some ideas for me, too.  I need to get my SledgeFire slinging foam like no-one's business, as I hope to field it at the next indoor Nerf game.  Plus, I've been working out a quick way to dish out darts with this thing (video inbound), so stay tuned for that.


  1. Modifying the shells is completely unnecessary. Lasergnome sells singled dart shells and mega dart shells. You can find him on Facebook.

    1. Those also happen to be hideously expensive compared to modding your own shells, for that matter.

  2. Slydev sells upgrade springs for a lot of blasters now including the sledgefire. I've been considering getting some myself (I would need two for special reasons that might eventually be explained and shown on Nerfhaven).

  3. you don't need to take out the ARs in this like the strongarm right?


  5. Is the sledge fire worth it?
    My choice is EAT or SeldgeFire