Monday, February 17, 2014

Secrets & Shot-Bots

At first, when news started to flow in from Toy Fair 2014 I was like "Okay, we already know about this stuff" but thanks to the super-sleuth fanatics that have been poking around, there's still some new stuff in the background for us to sink our teeth into.  Sure there's a bunch more Elite repaints on the Firestrike, Triad, and other previously blue blasters, but there's a new side-line for Rebelle and some evil minion robots inbound!

Tactical Tag already sort of reported on the "Secrets & Spies" bit while investigating some copyright stuff, but I honestly didn't expect it to be a Rebelle line addition.  Looks like there are super-cool-awesome messenger darts with hidden messages you can write on 'em fired from these pretty-in-pink blasters.  Turns out Rebelle has been doing quite well... probably because there's really no direct competitors in a Dart Blasters for Girls market that Hasbro essentially created.  It's working well!

Then there's my favorite bit of news: ROBOTS.  Yeah, I'll be the first to admit that long before I got into Nerf and Laser Tag, I was a robot guy.  Transformers, Robotech (Macross), and Gundam had me hooked when I was younger, so having these arachnid assault units crawling around the battlefield will certainly be fun.  Gotta hope they're capable of handling what I have in store for them, but regardless it's neat to see these Automatons slinging foam darts.  I know they're called "Combat Creatures", but I'm not sold on that name.  Battle Bots, Automatons, some kinda Sentry name... I dunno.  Anything but Combat Creatures!


  1. I think Combat Creatures was an existing line. They used it to market the Attaknids.

    Question, do you want a bigger one?

  2. I got one of those robots for Christmas but it has the disc flinger instead of the dart shooter attachment. If you're interested, maybe I could bring it to the next mod night or something.

  3. Combat Creatures was an existing line before Hasbro acquired it; had a disc shooter, a dart shooter and a ball shooter model I believe. Something I think would work *great* with these things is if someone modified a handful to be hazards of a sort for a gametype, maybe just an Arduino running some very basic person recognition and wandering around a flag.

  4. Reminds me of the old Tyco NSECTs. I've always wanted one of those silly things.

  5. Holy crap, automatons? holy FREAKING CRAP, this means nerf is no longer jumping the shark and it is stepping again to the REAL DEALS, they should include some kind of flying drone and I am permanently sold, robots?. I mean, put some hitscanning abilities to those and you revolutionated the brand, wish there were more Arachnids, Tank like automatons, flying ones, armed with swords, if Nerf really gets those here, I am getting them ASAP

    1. Well, I hope Nerf is the one that makes them.