Monday, January 27, 2014

Revisiting OMW

I'll be the first to admit that I may have been a bit too harsh in my throwing Orange Mod Works under the bus.  It's been over a year since I even bothered doing anything with them since the failures on the Longstrike Massacre kit and the incredibly delayed release of the Longshot Immortal Kit.  I decided to give them another go and do it with one of my favorite blasters: the Elite Alpha Trooper.

This revisitation comes in the form of a type of product OMW never really seemed to mess up metal parts.  I got on board with Orange Mod Works just as they were transitioning from metal parts to polycarbonate parts... which proved to be a troublesome time.  The polycarbonate parts just weren't delivering the same reliability their metal parts had been doing before.  In this video, I not only review this kit, but really weigh in on the unresolved issues that stemmed from the Massacre Kit mess with the polycarbonate stuff that I had and the forseeable future with Orange Mod Works kits in general.


  1. The solid kits represent far better value than the unleashed, in terms of dollars spent for FPS gained. Omw should stick to what they are good at, sensible power for a sensible price. They are able to produce the solid kits more quickly too, making them a better bet for pre order.

  2. I have the Massacre kit for the original AT; it did need some modification to the breech to work (end was a little too long for the dart door) but it's been going strong for over a year now with no other issues. If anything at all on it breaks it's going to be the plunger tube, because in a moment of infinite wisdom I chopped off the PT cover from mine, and that would happen with a normal AT anyway.