Tuesday, January 7, 2014

OJ Stryfe. Dangit...

It coulda been GRAND... but no.  Nerf had to take an awesome idea and toss it into the trash.  It would've looked so good so easily with the accessories out there, and perfect for wintry snowy conditions, too!  Oh, well I suppose I should let you know where this ranting started, huh?  Tough to figure out what all my complaints are about if there's no context, right?  Well, none other than the Orange Stryfe!  Or "OJ Stryfe" as I've seen it called once or twice.

Folks have been reporting on this recolor for awhile.  Almost as long as they've been reporting on the White RoughCut 2x4, which almost makes this scenario more irritating for me.  If you haven't noticed, I like keeping my Nerf blasters exteriors looking stock.  Paint just gets chipped or wears off and the beating my blasters take... they'd look awful if I painted 'em all.  So when Nerf comes out with a cool recolor, I'm happy.  Like the Whiteout Series, arguably one of the best looking recolor jobs Nerf has ever done.  So that White RoughCut 2x4 looked pretty sweet too!  Unfortunately, there's not really any accessories you can use on it aside from the tactical rail, so you're not able to use the accessories from the other Whiteout Series blasters on it to make different variants.  SO, if this Stryfe had followed suit, we could've had a White Stryfe with a Longstrike barrel and a SuperSoaker stock on it to make it look all sorts of cool!  Instead, we've got this Orange Juice Stryfe... which I'm not a fan of the Gear Up look anyways.

Perhaps I'm just bummed because I'm still drooling over that repainted Stryfe at XVC.  Granted, it's all sorts of repainted... but it makes me wish the Stryfe was white so I could do something LIKE it.  If I weren't so opposed to painting my blasters just to get 'em all scuffed up, I'd probably pursue a repaint like this.  I'm just too lazy I guess, and need Nerf to do the painting for me.  End rant.  Move along folks.  Nothing to see here.

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  1. Yeah, I'm leaning your way on this one. Unless HASBRO release the accessories in yellow, blue AND orange, there will be many a Nerfer none too pleased about the colour change. Having said that though, I think some.blasters would look good in orange. Stryfe isn't one of them.