Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Not-So-Frozen Fortress?

So last week we rescheduled our "Frozen Fortress" game because it was an icy 12° outside (without wind chill).  This week, it's quite the opposite.  Weather forecasts for Sunday show a high of 47°, more than ample for our batteries to hold through the combat.  I'm a bit bummed since I do enjoy battling the elements every now and then and usually we do one game a year with less-than-desirable weather conditions.

It's part of what I enjoy about Laser Tag in general.  Going outdoors, conquering the terrain, using the cover to outmaneuver your opponent's team, it's just a lot more fun when it's not just "Who has the better blaster", you know?  Anyone can build a super mega awesome blaster of doom (like this guy to the left).  Okay... maybe not ANYONE, but still there's the skills necessary to navigate your way through the field, take up a good position, and lead your team to glorious victory that gives you the thrill that has me hooked on outdoor laser tag.

Adding weather-related elements to the mix makes it even more difficult, and in these Off-Season games, that's the kind of challenge I look forward to.  During our regular season games, the weather is warm, the parks are nice, and it's a more casual setting usually.  Once we go into Off-Season mode, I start digging into the mods and planning more challenging events to satisfy our veterans sweet tooth for these rigorous games.  Having snow, or battling the cold just adds to it.  Sure 47° isn't super warm, but it's a heatwave compared to the wintry weather we're used to this time of year.

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