Sunday, January 19, 2014

Streamlight TLR-3 Review

This is a great accessory to any Laser Tag or Nerf blaster for those who need a hand in the dark... without giving up a hand.  So instead of grabbing for a flashlight mid-game, why not already have it on hand without even noticing it?  This is the Streamlight TLR-3.  It's an incredibly small, lightweight, tactical light that mounts to a weaver rail.  Granted, this product is designed for a real steel Gun, like a pistol with an under-barrel-mounted rail, but it's application to what I do with Nerf and Laser Tag is incredibly useful.  It's the cross-over application that I love about accessories like this.  Nerf, Laser Tag, Airsoft, Paintball, if it's got a weaver-rail on it and it can be aimed, this fella will shed light on any situation.  Literally...

See the video review after the jump to learn just how easily this accessory can be applied to benefit you in a game.

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