Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Game: 2013!

Had our Halloween Laser Tag game last night and I must say, it was a rousing success!  I actually think this was the best year for costumes and turnout wasn't half bad, either!  I had my Ghostbusters geddup, my fiance stole her dad's Air Force flight suit, Sundawg dressed up as Jayne from Firefly, and there was a guy in a full ghille suit that looked like a shrub most of the time!  Also starring mini Captain America, Gas Mask Man, the Brawny Paper Towels guy, even a Lumberjack.  The group photo isn't exactly complete, as we had a few folks show up late.  Final count for attendance was 18 players.

We could've been at a full 20 if someone had read the directions to my new home.  This was the second set of games we've had at our new location, so folks are still used to just going to our old stompin' grounds.  We played 4 games total.  2 were at the midway point between the two parks, 1 was in the southern park, and the last one was in the north park.  It's been really fun having the scenario change from game-to-game.  Not only does the new park mean veterans are on the same playing field as newbies when it comes to knowing the terrain, but it means that we'll have variation in the long run of using this park in the future since we can easily change the layout for each game.

I ended up using my CTDYNE LTX instead of trying to make a ray gun from the Proton Pack for my Ghostbusters costume.  Figured the work I'd put into making it look accurate would get killed by it's usability.  There's really no way to aim one of those really well when it comes to line-of-sight shooting that Laser Tag demands.  The Proton Pack I started building wasn't as rugged as I needed it to be.  A quick test running through the park had it in pieces on the ground after about 20 feet.  I still used the harness, but instead I just left the metal frame on the back bare, put a cardboard sign that said "Out of Order" on it, stuck a Bluetooth portable speaker back there playing the Ghostbusters Theme Song from my iPod, and called it a day.  I was pretty happy with how it turned out, all things considered.

It was another great event.  I'm quite partial to Halloween anyways, since I like costumes and candy.  We had wonderful turnout, the games were fast-paced and fun, and the new park continues to make me confident that this is a good home for the MLTA's future.

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