Friday, October 25, 2013

MEGA: Take Two

Well Nerf is pumping up the release of their next piece of the wildly successful N-Strike Elite MEGA lineup.  If you missed the hint of sarcasm there, you must not have seen my review of the Centurion.  Nerf just went public with the blaster on their Facebook Page.

To save you the trouble, my favorite part about the Centurion was the folding bi-pod.  While the MEGA Magnus looks to have a lower rail that could use said bi-pod... I worry it'll suffer from the same problem it's big brother did: those DARTS.  Sure the Centurion chewed 5 of the 6 darts it came with, but when it WAS working, the shots were incredibly inconsistent.  So, unless Nerf has addressed this flaw in their darts for the MEGA lineup, the Magnus will just be another bulky piece of red plastic tacti-cool-ness for your collection... collecting dust.

Who knows, maybe Nerf improved their MEGA darts, but I'll let someone else find out.  I already bit the bullet with the Centurion before, so I'm not so keen to rinse and repeat.

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