Friday, October 4, 2013

Mod it NAOW!! - HammerShot

So I'm starting up a new Mini-Series for Tactical Tag.  These are videos that will be shot via my iPod "in the field" of moments when I just needed to upgrade my blaster... and FAST.  Today, that moment was in an active warzone known as my office.  I've talked about getting a blaster specifically for fending off coworkers and the HammerShot has proven to be an effective ally.  It's portable, it's easily primed with one hand, and it's small enough to store in a drawer.  So, as darts flew past my camera, I managed to upgrade it quickly in a couple minutes to have a bit of a leg-up on the competition.

After the jump is the first of many "Mod it NAOW!!" videos, soon to be a part of Tactical Tag's regular repertoire.


  1. Wish i had co workers in the office sense, so i cold fire foam darts at them.... though knowing who my actual co-workers are that would escalate rather quickly.

  2. My boss hates fun, he's banned all projectile toys from the office, something about Workplace Health and Safety?

    1. I have a few blasters at work, but I work with young people so always have a blaster excuse ready, " the kids wanted a game!"