Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lens Testing Results

Been awhile since I did a video, so I put a stop to that drought.  Here's a look at stuff we tested out at our Mod Night to prepare for our next game... and then some.

Really excited to use some of these lenses as the backbone to some new blasters.  Plus, once we get that LTAR Lens Adapter Kit produced, it'll be easier than ever to upgrade stock blasters!  See the video after the jump!


  1. Nice. I saw a different video that showed them being used at a distance. Dose the tighter focus make it so that you have to be more accurate with your shooting? Also, haven't gotten around to seeing your entire site but are these mods for sale?

    1. You got it. With better range & focus, you need to be that much more accurate with your shots. The mods seen aren't for sale, although it's all very D.I.Y.-able.

    2. I suppose some of them are going to be "for sale". We're working on mass-producing some Lens Adapters and Stock adapters for the LTAR.

  2. Where can I purchase one of these lens arrangements for my LTAR? I'm very interested since I just purchased a lot of 8 LTAR guns to play with this summer. If they aren't for sale yet, do you have a detailed diagram of how to make one? I'm not engineer, but I'm handy with a dremel! Haha