Monday, October 28, 2013

LTAR Barrel Adapters!!

Well, it's taken us awhile, but the first version of the LTAR Barrel Adapter, designed by Eleri at'Xalien of the MLTA, is now available for purchase!

This part directly replaces the orange muzzle on an LTAR blaster so that you can attach a home-made custom lens arrangement (like the ones LazerBait makes) to easily extend the range of your blaster.  The part leaves the normal IFF Emitter underneath the main barrel to it's factory specifications while the top portion is flat with three holes.  The center hole is where you would run the wires from the LTAR's IR LED into the new lens arrangement.  The holes to the right and left are for screws to secure the lens arrangement to this new housing.  It's an identical version of what is used on Eleri's custom LTAR blaster, which has served as the testbed for these adapter products that we've been working on.

There are more products still in-development that we will eventually publicize and make available for the LTAR including a Weaver Rail adapter and Stock Adapter.

You can purchase your own LTAR Barrel Adapter part from Shapeways by following the link below.
LTAR Barrel Adapter

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