Sunday, October 27, 2013

Scavenger Hunt: Day #1

Well we've had a few good tries so far, but no-one has managed to go 20 for 20.  A Perfect Score will end the game with whomever gets it first, but if there's still no perfect score by Halloween, I'll choose the person who A: submitted the most right answers in B: the shortest amount of time.  For instance, if you submitted your answers last night but you got 3 wrong and someone submits answers today who got 1 wrong, they'd be the winner.

It's been close though!  I'm impressed with how many right answers I've seen come in.  Have you had your try at it yet?

Tactical Tag Scavenger Hunt!


  1. x= 4 square plus 3 square
    therefore x= 25cm

    Nice question using Maths!