Saturday, October 26, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Contest!

Thought I'd do something fun for readers of the blog by holding another contest.  It won't be easy to get it though, and you'll have to do it quick!  It's a scavenger hunt, Tactical Tag style!  With the resources on this blog, the Facebook Page, and the YouTube Channel, I figured I'd give a list of things to find that span all 3 sites.  Here's how it works.

There's a clue for each number on the list.  Your job, if you wanna win, is to find the link and post it as your answer.  For instance:
Item #1: A Picture of a close call up against some BuzzBee Suction Darts
So then you'd go find the link to this picture on the Facebook Group

There are probably going to be multiple right answers for some of these questions, so as long as you get 'em right, it'll work for ya.  As far as scoring goes: this contest will end one of two ways.  The first being that someone finds all of the items FIRST.  If in the next 24 hours someone has already completed the scavenger hunt, the contest would be over provided they found everything correctly.  HOWEVER, if it's tough and there's a bunch that are CLOSE but not quite correct, I'll choose the most accurate one on October 31st, or more commonly known as Halloween in the US.  Post your findings as a comment below.  I won't publish your answers until I've found a winner!

Now then, I bet you're all wondering what the prize is.  Well, the answer to the first item to find is what you'll be getting if you win!  The list is after the jump.  Good luck, everyone!  Happy Hunting!
Item #1:  This is a review of a blaster for the undead, but it's not quite a 6-Shooter.
Item #2:  Find the first project I started sharing on the Blog
Item #3:  Super Soaker eventually used this same backpack-based design
Item #4:  Get a picture of a Halo-based blaster we converted for Laser Challenge
Item #5:  It's the first blaster I made to be used for BOTH of my Hobbies
Item #6:  Someone painted an Alpha Trooper blue before Nerf did.  Lots of Pageviews, too
Item #7:  I like Subarus, but I also liked hitting 500K.  Find the picture that has both!
Item #8:  I think this blaster looks like a hairdryer in this video
Item #9:  I shoot myself in the head with this blaster I'm trying to review
Item #10: This is my most viewed video on YouTube.  It also confused a lot of n00bs.
Item #11: You can only find this Mod Guide on our social network.
Item #12: This video series has some POWER flowing through!
Item #13: Bad Luck with this kit for the Longstrike... TWICE
Item #14: It's a work of art from CTDYNE that I'm lucky enough to own
Item #15: Find a picture of the oldest Laser Challenge gear I own
Item #16: There's 10 reasons to play Laser Tag in this video
Item #17: The guys at Xplorer wrote on this awesome box they sent to me
Item #18: Where can you find all the reviews I've made on the Blog?
Item #19: I was the First Avenger in this Laser Tag game
Item #20: Find the first Giveaway item.  It's the same color as the blaster you'll win for this contest!

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