Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Oh Crap... COSTUME??

Every year we do our Halloween Laser Tag game and, as a result, I end up getting some cool costume together for it.  The past two years in a row I've A: shared the costume build with this blog and B: happened to be Captain America.  Well, I think two years of the same character might be enough... but I've been so busy that I've forgotten to get something going for Halloween this year!

Been thinking of some options that wouldn't take super long.  With the new "Star Trek: Into Darkness" movie out recently, I was thinking of being a redshirt from that (since I get killed all the time in Laser Tag anyways).  I've always got my "Colonial Marine" costume on the back burner... but development on that M41A Project hit a brick wall about a year-and-a-half ago, sadly.  I KNOW I won't have time to get that thing running AND get some armor together.  I've always loved the Back To The Future movies, so maybe getting an orange vest to pull off the "Marty" look would be easy to do.  Then again, when was the last time you saw Marty McFly shooting a gun?  That, and an orange vest will make me an easy target during the games.  Maybe a GhostBuster?  I've always been a fan of them too... hook up a "Proton Pack" to a Phoenix LTX or something?  That might be nifty/easy to do.

Well, I've gotta come up with something QUICK.  The Halloween game is on the 27th, so the clock is ticking down.


  1. Get a trench coat, blue shirt, suspenders and and go as Captain Jack from Doctor Who/Torchwood? Note, if the coat is brown and the shirt red, could also be Captain Mal Reynolds from Firefly.

  2. OR you could be that guy wearing nothing but post-its