Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Why on earth are there small children running around the streets at night dressed up like Superheroes, Monsters, and Disney Characters?  Why are they taking their neighbors candy?  Why are there a bunch of pumpkins missing their insides?  Oh yeah... it's Halloween!

Whether you're going to a party with some friends or scouring the streets with a troupe of friends, have a great time!  Don't forget, today is the last chance you have to submit your pictures for Tactical Tag's Halloween Giveaway!  We've had a bunch of last-day submissions, so you still have a chance to get a photo with your Nerf or Laser Tag blaster and enter it to win!

Hammershots, LTARs, Firestrikes, LTXs, the number of prizes depends on how many entries we get!  I'll review all the entries TONIGHT and announce the winners on November 1st!

Enter your submission on the blog or Tactical Tag's Facebook!  Hope you all have a fun night of tricking, treating, and everything in-between!

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