Friday, October 3, 2014

Nerf Dart meets iPhone 6

The guys at uBREAKiFIX are office war Nerf fans, so with all the "break the iPhone 6" videos out there, it was only fitting to nail this smartphone with some foam goodness.  As you would expect, it doesn't take a normal dart blaster or even a slightly modified rig to put a dent in the iPhone 6's touchscreen.  They went so far as to build a blaster to fire a modified N-Strike Elite dart to nail the phone.

On the one hand, I suppose you could now say "We can break the iPhone 6 with a cotton swab!" if you were to modify it enough.  The hitting power that broke the iPhone was hardly the cause of a foam tube with a rubber tip.  I'd chalk that result up to the hot glue in the tip and the dowel rod in the middle of the dart in this test.  The high pressure blaster they built is probably a culprit to this, too.  On the other hand, it's fun to see Nerf making its way around an office of phone repair guys and YouTubers!

So yes... saying you can break an iPhone 6 with a Nerf Dart is technically correct.  Which, by some standards, is the best kind of "correct".  Either way, I'll just have to tell my coworkers that they won't be able to defend themselves against me by using their phone as a shield unless they want it broken.


  1. I saw your hammershot. Does it work?

  2. A singled roto rocket with a slug would make short work of an iphone screen, and you don't need to build a giant homemade cannon to do it.

    1. I don't know, Yale? Maybe you should make a video to show us.

    2. If I had wanted to blow 700 bucks on a 6 Plus just to destroy it, I totally would, but I don't.