Thursday, October 2, 2014

Halloween GIVEAWAY!!

To help celebrate my favorite holiday, I'm doing a GIVEAWAY!  All you need to do to win is submit a photo of you in a costume with Nerf or Laser Tag or a Halloween-themed Nerf or Laser Tag blaster (for those who are a little camera shy).  Submit that photo as either a comment here with a Link or you can also submit the photo on Tactical Tag's Facebook Page.

This photo contest giveaway will END on October 31st, after which I will round up all the photos and give away the prizes.  For every 10 photos, I will give away a blaster.  If we get 22 photos submitted, I give away TWO blasters.  If we get 45 photos submitted, I give away FOUR.  More photos = more chances to win!  Who cares if Drac has epic Zombie Slaying blaster or Bobololo has a spot-on Hillbilly geddup that's sure to win if there's more than two slots to win, right?  RIGHT!

All the nitty-gritty rules and details are listed below!

Rule #1: No Touching of the Hair or Face (of course)
Rule #2: Rule #1 is just a reference to the film Anchorman and isn't actually a rule.
Rule #3: One Photo for one Person.  No double entries
Rule #4: The photo must be YOURS.  If you just use someone else's work, your entry will be thrown out.
Rule #5: Your photo MUST be posted on this thread as a comment or on the Facebook Page to be eligible.
Rule #6: I can add rules to this if things get out of hand.  AKA, don't ruin our fun by trying to weasel your way around the rules.


  1. Got my costume sorted!


  2. zooks, what blasters are you giving away?

  3. My Costume Is Ready!!

  4. at least someone got it. thanks joey!

  5. file:///C:/Users/Family/Pictures/dv.jpg
    I like how the red eye thing makes it look even creepier!

    1. Um... that's not exactly how you post a picture, iMod...

  6. love you thanks. I guess that makes sense...


  8. All right, sorry about that. Took me a little while than longer, but here we go. :)


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  11. Didn't read the rules right I'll have my son submit his.