Sunday, October 26, 2014

Another great Halloween Game!!

It's no secret.  I love Halloween!  So, when the Laser Tag group I run here has a costumed game, I get pretty excited about it.  This year we even added some fun with post-game s'mores and other delicious foods as we laughed, told stories, and caught up with our friends.  I broke out my latest Captain America costume again (as it was actually quite warm) and tagged it up with my comrades in the park.

When we started, there were three guys in the park shooting cans with Airsoft guns.  After explaining what we were up to, they joined up, grabbed some gear, and tagged alongside our Trick-or-Treat warriors.  Then my next-door neighbors brought three cousins along, too!  It was a great surprise to pick up 6 more players for the games that boosted our count for the night to 23!  We did three team games and one Zombie game until retiring to the fire pit on the patio to share food and stories.

Not everyone was in costume, but it was still fun to tag it up with the crunchy leaves of fall!  I enjoyed running around with my shield chasing down Vampires and Pirates and Transformers.  What a great evening!


  1. How did you play a zombie game with Lazer Tag gear? Or did you swap to dart blasters?

    1. It's more like an "Infection" game. "Humans" set their blasters to Team 1 with 25 Hits. "Zombies" set their blasters to Team 2 with 10 Hits. The catch is that, as Humans get killed, they respawn on the Zombie team. When Zombies get killed, they just keep respawning as Zombies. The game is over if the Zombies have taken over or if any Humans survive the 20-minute match.

    2. That makes sense. I'm doing a night game with my friends on halloween.