Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Revisited: Whiteout NiteFinder

Over the years there have been blasters that I've modded that have been sold or given away.  There's still a small handful of blasters that I've held onto because they were unique.  In this case, I stumbled upon my Whiteout NiteFinder, which has served as a trusty sidearm on many occasions.  Aside from it's sought-after recoloring, this particular blaster utilized an LED MagLite kit that replaced the original gimmick of the NiteFinder: it's red targeting beam.  I did other basic mods on it and kept using it until it made it's way to the bottom of my Nerf bin.  Below is the video I made back in 2011 when I first completed it.

A week or so ago I took it out and started messing around with it.  I noticed that it didn't quite have the "oomph" I remembered it having and also that the flashlight wasn't working consistently.  It only seemed right to repair it, but while I had it open... I figured I'd do a little more than repairs!  This Whiteout NiteFinder seemed more than deserving of some performance upgrades, so I got to work on it!

It's not quite done and it'll probably not be anything too earth-shatteringly new to the modding world.  After all, NiteFinders have been a great blaster to modify for a LONG time!  Instead, I thought it'd be nice to revisit this blaster and other ones that I've kept around in an attempt to have other folks do the same with some of their favorites, too!  New spring, new seals, a tighter barrel, this should be slinging darts better than ever when I'm done with it.  I'll post it up for "Throwback Thursday" and, with any luck, get to work on a few other oldies that could use some new life breathed into them!

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