Sunday, October 5, 2014

Worldwide Winnings!

I've gotten several questions about the Halloween Giveaway regarding entrants from outside the borders of the good ol' United States of 'Muricah.  It'd be silly for me to rule out some of my favorite fellow bloggers (and their fans) from this contest, so I SUPPOSE the only option is to open up this contest to anyone on the face of the planet.  From Australia to Antartica, Great Britain to Bombay, Costa Rica to China, and all the other letters of the alphabet!

There were also a few questions about WHAT blasters you'd be winning.  The most I can say to that is this:  If your winning photo has Nerf in it, you'll get some sort of Nerf pistol.  I'll probably let the winners choose from a couple of models.  If your winning photo has Laser Tag in it, you'll get some sort of Laser Tag blaster (LTAR, LTX, Laser Challenge, etc).

Don't have this thing called "Halloween" in your country?  That's okay.  That's what we have the internet for!

Good luck everyone!

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