Saturday, November 1, 2014

Contest Winners & November Plans

Hope you all had a fun Halloween!  It's time to announce the winners for the Halloween Giveaway!  Yes, "winners" is plural because, despite the lower-than-I-had-hoped-for number of entries, I still have a few blasters I want to award.  I've come up with three categories for the 17 Entries we had.

I've made awards for Top Nerf entry, Top Laser Tag entry, and Almost Top Nerf entry.

Top Nerf: Steampunk Bane

Top Laser Tag: Satyr the Man-Goat-Thing

Almost Top Nerf: Sterling Archer

Thanks to everyone who participated!  It was really fun seeing everyone's costumes and what they came up with for their blasters, too!

If you're one of those winners, leave a comment with either your contact info or an e-mail I can reach you at so we can get your blaster to you!  I won't publish the comment for all to see!

Alrighty then!  With October's costume fun out of the way, it's time to look ahead at what we have coming next.  November looks to be an interesting month for Nerf releases.  Many of those blasters that were leaked a month or so ago are starting to pop up.  The new MEGA blasters like the Big Shock and the Cyclone are making their way through, so reviews and info on those are inbound.  As we approach the holiday season, more blasters will likely hit store shelves in time for gifting.

There's also more Laser Tag stuff from the MLTA coming up.  Fall Game #1 and the Halloween game (Fall Game #2) are out of the way, so a Mod Night and some more in-game testing are inbound!  We'll probably do another Black Friday game with Nerf or Laser Tag (or both!), so it should be fun keeping warm as winter approaches!


  1. Everyone had such great costumes. My son the man-goat-thing and I had fun making his costume. We are both excited to see what he won.

  2. congrats to the winners!!

  3. I actually want to thank you for reminding us about black friday. DISCOUNTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You made good choices, but I think that the dude with the sick paint job on his sledgefire was my favourite.

  5. On a completely unrelated topic, have you ever bought one of tyhese pieces of @#$$@$!@$!#^#$^%
    i have tried to mod this thing so that it can shoot at least 1 cm(being sarcastic), but the plunger head will not come off! There are no screws in the firing mechanisms!The only way to do it is to SAW the plunger head off and then reattach it. I'm not really comfortable with doing this. P[lease give me some advice.

  6. lol

    can I still submit?


  7. this is what I actually got, not a hunter.

  8. FIY Southern Brisbane Nerf Club has a review of the Cyclone Shock.

  9. FIY? What the fudgesicles is that supposed to mean?