Thursday, April 28, 2011

Testing the Modified Vulcan

The same blaster I used for the "Amped Vulcan" project is preparing to go mobile.  I'll show you WHY it needs the power supply upgrade and you'll get to see it range tested using it's manual fire mode.

Next up is the power cell upgrade.  I've never used TrustFire batteries before, but after seeing the success they've had over at SG Nerf with them, I'm more than willing to try them out. 

I might also try building an ammo canister for the 60 Round belt that I have.  Here's a video of how a guy used a military ammo canister for his that I might try out.


  1. Will this be switch-selectable higher voltage source? - or - are the Trustfires the same form-factor as the original cells? - You could have multiple "taps" on the battery pack.
    - Duncan

  2. I had thought about it, but I think since this blaster relies on a higher voltage anyways to move that motor, we'll just keep this one on the higher voltage. The TrustFires are AA sized and are 3.7 Volts each. We'll be experimenting with them a bit.